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We provide dental care to nearly a million patients every year. Listed below are some of the services can provide our patients.

A brighter smile can boost your confidence, help you make a good first impression, and even increase your chances to advance in your career. 

Crown and bridges are used to treat structural problems resulting from the loss of natural teeth. 

A discreet and non-invasive alternative to braces, Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic option for straightening teeth. 

Dental implants are designed to replace the roots of missing teeth, providing a foundation on which artificial teeth (dentures, bridges, and crowns) can be fitted.

At Art Dental Clinic, we make sure to prioritize your child’s comfort. 

A root canal treatment is used to treat an infection at the centre of a tooth.

To preserve your overall health, it also pays to ensure your mouth is healthy — free of injuries, infections, and other dental and gum issues. 

Art Dental Clinic is your trusted destination if you need orthodontic services in Waterloo. We know that a beautiful smile can impact your health, confidence, and overall well-being.

The Massive Success of Our Clinic

Your teeth play an important part in your daily life. It not only helps you to chew and eat your food, but frames your face. Any missing teeth can have a major impact on your quality of life.

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We have built our dentistry over the strong pillars of 22 MDS surgeons. Our team has expert professionals who are immensely experienced.

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Looking for affordable dental care? Find out how you can see a dentist and get work done for free or at a  low cost.

Affordable Dental Care

We provide dental care to nearly million patients every year. Listed below are some of the services can provide our patients.

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We are pleased to offer you the chance to have the healthy

We offer a wide-range of dental services at the General Clinic. You will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan prior to the start of any dental services.